Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Formation of the Muslim League

Muslim League

Divide and rule has always been the corner stone of the British administration in India. On 1st October 1906 a Muslim deputation under the leadership of Aga Khan met Lord Minto in Simla and asked for a separate representation of their community in all levels of government. The success of the deputation encouraged the Muslims to start a separate political organization of their own.

Nawab Salimullah Khan founded the Muslim League at Dacca on December 30, 1906. The main objectives of the League were to promote among the Muslims of India feelings of loyalty to the British Government , to protect and advance the rights of Indian Muslims and represent their needs and aspirations to the government and to promote friendly relations between Muslims and other communities.

The Amritsar session of the League [1908] demanded a separate electorate for the Muslims, which was conceded to them by the Morelt- Minto reforms in 1909.

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